Why did we start up this complex project


We purchased this property in 2007 after searching for more than two years.  The entire family felt it was time to create something for the family.  The kids(3) and I also required that it be something that my husband (a business turnaround specialist) loved for a change.  He has been a wine fanatic for his entire life.  We had a family meeting and agreed that we were all in for the adventure in Wine.  For my part, leaving the design painting business was an easier choice since the market was slowing rapidly.  The first years were more work than anyone expected.  With 60 acres of land, 25 acres of grapes, two houses, two huge barns and a couple small barns, we had more to do than we could get to.  One of our top priorities was to rehab the grandmother’s house on one of the secluded peaks.  It was redesigned right from the begining as a Farm Stay.    The vineyard was a turnaround as well.  Over half of the vineyard was Merlot not in contract and had been allowed to go wild.  All but one acre of the Merlot has now been converted to various clones of Pinot Noir.  This cool weather location is much better for Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noir is very finicky and it took five years to find the proper balance of farming techinque, nuetrients and pruning to achieve a consistent high quality. The last big fix was to double the size of the vineyard.  We have added 15,000 plants in the past five years and they are finally coming into production.  And FINALLY after two years of permits and a pile of money for Permits and reviews, we have our winery operational.  We no longer have to rely on custom crush winemakers and have full control of the process.  Our full line of wines are now available.


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